Rescuers Spot Lonely Stray Dog Playing With Little Broken Doll

It took weeks for Stray Rescue of St. Louis to rescue a homeless dog they named ‘Marianne Clare.” The little girl kept her distance but eventually they tracked her down to an abandoned home where she had been hanging out.

Donna, ever brave, ventured into the derelict home and fed Marianne Clare a delicious cheeseburger. But the dog sprung through an open window when approached. So Donna began to leave food in the house, but the clever pittie kept avoiding the trap they set. They set up surveillance cameras and one night they saw a touching sight. Marianne Clare was playing with a little, broken doll.

“We knew she was lonely and wanted to be a normal dog,” they wrote. The next time Donna approached she suspected the dog would jump out of the window again but this time she let Donna put a leash on her. They even took her “creepy doll.”

They were relieved to have gotten her when they did as they said she went into heat a few days later. Stray Rescue says Marianne Clare is looking for her forever home now. “This baby is now a CUDDLE MACHINE in her foster home and she’s looking for her forever home! Adopt Marianne Clare, she’s ready for a life of love.”

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