Rescuer Makes Risky Move To Help Save Homeless Dog

Hope for Paws received an urgent text from LA Animal Rescue and went to a junkyard where a female pit bull had been abandoned and was running loose. Eldad Hagar connected with Brandi Alcantar, who had been feeding the dog. But the dog was scared and wouldn’t approach her to be leashed.

They took some time to let “Karina” relax and enjoy some cheeseburgers. Soon, Karina was very gently taking pieces of food from Eldad’s hands. Eldad then made a move to leash her, a move which he tells viewers you should never try as it can be very dangerous.

Grabbing Karina’s front leg, Eldad tries to put the leash over her neck. He made a mistake, but not a serious one and Karina soon came back over because she was very hungry. After successfully getting her, Eldad says he knew the dog wouldn’t bite him.

It soon would be revealed that Karina was very sick with heartworm. And Eldad’s judgement was right – Karina is a very gentle dog – as revealed when she lets rescuers place a kitten on her head and another one give her kisses!

To find out more about Karina and how to adopt or support her visit LA Animal Rescue.

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