Rescuer Falls Through Floor Trying to Rescue Dog Trapped in Abandoned Home

A trapped dog was desperate to get out of a derelict home but rescuing him wasn’t without its challenges.

“These abandoned houses are so dangerous. Donna fell through the floor but thank God she wasn’t hurt,” Stray Rescue of St. Louis writes of their long-time rescuer Donna Lochman, who went into the house to save the dog. Many of the homes that stray dogs take refuge in are falling apart and riddled with garbage and debris.

Despite her freak accident, Donna wasn’t deterred from going back inside and getting the dog to safety. “She bravely continued on, and she and Scott rescued this angel from the basement,” the rescue writes on YouTube.

The black and white dog they named Mudder had either fallen through the floor (like Donna) or jumped down. Whatever the case, he couldn’t get back out again and the ground around Mudder was littered with trash and damp from rain and water.

Thankfully, Donna was finally able to get down to Mudder and pull him out. Mudder smelled terrible from laying in the wet trash, prompting rescuers to say that their rescue jeep would need a “deep scrub.”

mudder rescued from abandoned home

Mudder in the rescue jeep. Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Once Mudder was back at the shelter, they let him get used to his surroundings. They quickly became “completely smitten by him” and his bright golden brown eyes. Mudder is also super affectionate and rolled onto his belly when rescuers came to say ‘hi’.

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