Rescued Puppy Who Had Given Up On Life Courageously Opens Up

Lady was completely shut down and had given up on life when the animal shelter reached out to The Asher House. The Australian Shepherd is only 6 months old but she was so timid and afraid that her previous fosters couldn’t do anything to help her.

The dog was so scared she would just press herself against the wall to get as far away from people as possible. When the shelter reached out to Lee Asher they told him the puppy was “absolutely catatonic.”

Asher knew it was going to take time but he had a feeling that the pup wanted help. For the first few days he let her decide if she wanted to come out of her crate on her own. He hoped she would at least come out and try. But even he wasn’t expecting the emotional turnaround that happened over the next few days.

“Lady” thought anyone near her would hurt her so it surprised Lee to see her come out of the kennel the next day. she came out to meet a few of his dogs and within a few days she went on her first pack walk!

She got “way more courageous” after a few days of scouting the house and maybe meeting the other dogs gave her the confidence she needed.

One thing is for sure, Lady’s courage, transformation and engagement with the pack really impressed Lee so much that he said he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it for himself.

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