Rescue Dog with Troubled Past Goes from Traumatized to Saving Thousands of Lives

Asher was rescued after he passed from home to home and experienced untold trauma along the way. Now his work is saving thousands of lives. When Claire Guest rescued Asher, it was clear to her the spaniel had a traumatic past. He had had many unsuccessful rehomings and used to run away. His experiences left him crying in fear and resulted in many behavioral issues.

But with training and patience, Asher has become a member of the Medical Detection Dogs charity Claire works for.

Asher is now an incredible Bio Detection Dog who uses his nose to smell human disease. Dogs can help researchers and doctors diagnose people in a way that can be done rapidly and non-invasively. Claire says he is always wagging his tail when he goes to work.

Remarkably, Asher was the first dog to identify for researchers that COVID-19 had a distinct odor. Without a doubt, Asher’s work is life-saving.

Claire and Asher make such a dynamic duo that they have been nominated by the UK’s Kennel Club in the Rescue Dog Hero category for 2023. But Claire says in her eyes Asher is already a hero, and she expects him to continue to save lives for years to come.

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