Rescue Dog Meets Camel for the First Time

Bentley meets Baby the camel for the first time. Bentley is a dog who was recently rescued from a shelter. He went with his mom to visit her daughter’s home, where there are camels (it is also the home of Pancake and Sugar Tree, a Doberman and kitten).

Baby’s guardian described the encounter: “Baby is gentle with all animals and loved Bentley immediately and if you look closely at the very beginning of the video, you can see that he even tossed Bentley some of his food. However, Bentley was apprehensive of the gift and dived around Baby like an action hero facing a ticking time bomb. Baby was unimpressed. Crazy kids…Though, it wasn’t long before Bentley sensed Baby’s gentle nature and laid down next to him to chew on the asparagus stalk Baby had tried to share with him earlier. Animals are so fun :)”

We totally agree – animals are a lot of fun!

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