Puppy Rescued from Dumpster with Severe Mange Makes Amazing Recovery

Jersey was found in a dumpster in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by a friend of Lam M. Tran’s. The small female dog had a very bad case of mange and needed someone to look after her.

Lam’s photos chronicle Jersey’s remarkable journey to recovery. Jersey transforms into a very happy dog!

Lam said, “I took her to the vet, and was prescribed ivermectin as treatment.

“It took her about a year to heal and grow her hair. She was named Jersey (after Jersey Shore) because of the overly tight gaudy pink collar that was on her.”

Jersey slowly recovered from her mange.

Jersey wore an arm rest cover to keep from itching herself.

“That is a couch arm cover that I cut a hole in for her to wear.”

It took a year for Jersey’s hair to grow back from mange.

But when it did, Jersey could not stop smiling.

She became a happy dog who loves to play!

Just look at that smile!

All photos credit: Lam M. Tran. Reprinted with permission, June 16, 2013.

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