Puppy Hit By Car and Knocked Unconscious Makes Heartwarming Recovery

When rescuers first arrived to help an injured puppy, he lay unconscious in the dirt, his worried brothers huddled around him. He had been hit by a car and had suffered severe trauma.

Animal Aid Unlimited brought the little pup they named Dil to their shelter and treated him for a brain injury, but they were unsure if he would survive.

It took 48 hours before he woke up, and when he did Dil could lift his head but he wouldn’t eat and couldn’t walk.

And three days after his rescue, Dil ate a little bit and could wag his tail – telling his rescuers how much he wanted to live.

They wrote on YouTube, “[O]ne of the first things he could do after regaining consciousness was to wag his innocent, adorable tail, and he managed to communicate worlds with those first bursts of joy – joy to be alive.”

Slowly but surely, Dil took step after step and soon he was walking again! And he never stopped wagging his tail.

Watch Dil’s heartwarming recovery in the video below.

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