Police Pull Up To Rescue With Sirens On After Finding Dog Brutally Shot

A dog brutally shot on the streets is in safe hands thanks to fast-acting police in St. Louis, Missouri. Stray Rescue of St. Louis shared the injured Pit Bull’s story on Facebook after she had just been brought in to their shelter. Bleeding and shot, “Tippi” was carried in to the shelter by police.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis writes, “Police just pulled up with sirens on, they heard gunshots and went to check it out. They found this dog, brutally shot. They rushed here and carried her in (thank you Officer Leahey and two others, you are HEROES).”

Despite her injuries Tippi wagged her tail as she was lifted into the examining room where she was immediately given pain meds and x-rays. “She’s so brave,” says one rescuer tending to her.

The behind-the-scenes video shows the staff huddled around Tippi to give her comfort. Even though she’s bleeding she gives her rescuers kisses until the pain medications take effect.

After examining Tippi, all the staff were relieved to learn the bullet had not damaged anything significant.

“She appears to be one very LUCKY dog – it looks like no bones are broken or vital organs hit,” they write.

Tippi’s rescuers couldn’t hold back their emotions as they patched Tippi up. “Such a ridiculous, cowardly, and disgusting act to shoot this sweet baby and we have to clean up after such a gross person,” they write. “Tippi is very lucky the bullet landed where it did, right in her skin and didn’t get any organs or bones. We can’t believe it.”

Tippi was prepared for surgery “ASAP” and a few hours later they shared photos of the removed bullet and indicated that her “ear is being sewn up.”

Tippi is now comfortable and resting, no doubt comforted by her new friends. If you would like to help support Stray Rescue’s emergency surgeries and medical care for dogs like Tippi go to: Strayrescue.org/stracks


Tippi is out of surgery and now snuggling up to her foster family! Stray Rescue and animal rescues everywhere are pretty overwhelmed right now, so please consider fostering to help dogs like Tippi.

Pupdate: Memorial Day 2023

Tippi has been adopted…by her foster family!

“A family opened their home and let her heal at their house as a foster, Stray Rescue shared. “While healing, they knew they could never say goodbye to her. So now she’s their little furry daughter and she’s living the good life!”

The shelter added, “Never in a million years, did Tippi think she would end up at the pool with a family and her shark lifejacket on Memorial Day.” But she did and doesn’t she look adorable?

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