Pitties with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome Overcome Setbacks to Become Happy Dogs

Pibble’s Plantation dog rescue weren’t expecting to rescue three puppies with swimmer puppy syndrome. But within a few short days they got the pups from multiple people who had purchased the puppies from an unscrupulous backyard breeder.

First came Gabriel. Someone had bought the pup at just 4 weeks old so they could raise him to be mean. But when the would-be dog owner saw Gabriel couldn’t walk the person instructed Pibble’s Plantation, “If you can fix him and make him meaner I’ll take him back.”

Then came Uriel and Samiel. The two puppies looked just like Gabriel and had the same congenital deformity. Heather and Kat Marchant with Pibble’s figured the three pups were all from the same breeder. Gabriel was the most frightened of the three. He would scream when being handled.

The Dodo/YouTube

For Kat and Heather their first priority was to get the puppies to the point where they could be breathing, eating and drinking comfortably. Then they could start working on helping the pups stand and walk.

The pair made sure to make the rehabilitation fun and not work and at 12 weeks all three pups were standing on their own. For Kat and Heather it was a proud moment. They were exhausted but had made progress. That is until Gabriel had another setback.

He was limping because of an elbow luxation and vets were forced to amputate his leg. He had to learn to walk all over again. His rescuers were worried that if he did not get up they would have no alternative. Thankfully, he got up the very next day after surgery. “Gabe was determined to walk. He almost seemed better walking as a three legged dog because the pain was gone,” said Kat.

After overcoming so many setbacks the three puppies were ready for their forever homes. Uriel went to family friends of Kat and Heather. Samiel will need help for the rest of her life so she didn’t go anywhere and stayed with Kat and Heather. And Gabriel? Terri and Ann knew he was meant for them. And now he runs everywhere, has his own pool to swim in and is adored by his family.

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