Pit Bull Snarls At Her Rescuer, But Her Eyes Reveal The Pain She Is In

When Eldad Hagar Hope For Paws got a call about a black Pit Bull puppy limping near a highway on ramp he arrived alone and discovered the dog definitely wasn’t a puppy.

As he approached she snarled and bared her teeth at him. “I admit I was scared on this rescue,” Eldad wrote on YouTube. But Eldad used the fact that she was starving to his advantage and cautiously looped her with a snare.

As soon as he got Yara out of the bushes he saw her leg. It was so badly broken; Eldad had never seen such a bad break.

But even with her broken leg, Yara made the rescue a lot more challenging for Eldad when they headed back to the car….

Watch Yara’s deeply affecting rescue in the video below.

Yara is learning to trust humans again. And now that she’s out of pain, she’s able to be a dog again. She will be available for adoption through The Little Red Dog.

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