Pit Bull Returned To Shelter Three Times Saves Six Tiny Lives

Harold the Pit Bull had been returned to shelter three times when Marlena, a new volunteer at the shelter, noticed him. She soon learned there was a hero inside of the dog who looked so “broken and defeated” to her.

She discovered that Harold, upon his latest return to the shelter, had found six puppies in a dumpster and alerted volunteers. They told her that the puppies would have all died had Harold not found them.

Marlena knew she had made a connection with Harold after spending time with him, so she decided to adopt him. She soon learned Harold had severe separation anxiety. It took him a long time to relax and Marlena admits the first few days were really challenging. But she took everything at his own pace and focused on making it work. Soon, the dog with the adorable floppy ear began to show his true colors.

She says getting Harold to be himself and not be afraid “took a lot of work. But now he is the best dog.”

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