Pit Bull Left At The Curb Waiting For Someone to Give Her a New Family

Hope For Paws arrived to save a Pit Bull who was supposedly lactating. She wasn’t but, her story was about to get “weird”.

They offered her some treats and discovered “Cinnamon” was incredibly friendly – she rolled over for a belly rub after taking a few snacks from them!

That’s when the dog’s story took a curious turn. Eldad and Loreta were approached by a woman who told them Cinnamon was her dog and she had given her to a neighbor.

That neighbor, it turns out, picked up and moved and left Cinnamon behind.

Hope For Paws assured the previous owner that Cinnamon will be ok and that they would find her a forever home. Given how friendly and sweet Cinnamon is, we hope she doesn’t have to wait long.

Cinnamon is now Bark N’ Bitches where she is available for adoption.

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