14 Photos of Rescue Dogs that Show the Difference a Day Can Make

What a difference a day can make in the life of a shelter dog! From their time in a shelter to the day they are adopted, these before and after photos of dogs will bring a smile to your face!

Whether they were at the shelter because they were abandoned, living as a stray or the result of a family tragedy, it may take a while for some of these dogs to put their past experiences behind them. But the faces of these 14 dogs show that they recognize they have a new family and a new life to look forward to!

#1 Bumble Bee

#2 – Jackson


#3 – Pillow

#4 – Spokey

Source. Read more here.

#5 – Sandy


#6 – Ned (on freedom ride)


#7 – Amelia


#8 – Laurel


#9 – Bandit


#10 – Little Guy


#11 – Val

#12 – A Golden retriever

#13 – Chex

#14 – Nora Budulis

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