Compassionate Nurse Comforts Her Dying Patient By Adopting Her Dog

A nurse comforted an elderly patient in her final moments and eased her passing immensely by letting her know she had adopted her dog.

Kim Still, a nurse At Northside Hospital Gwinnett in Georgia, was assigned to the terminally ill patient and the two made an instant connection. During their short friendship, the elderly woman confided in Kim that her biggest worry was for her dog Jax.

“Before the patient passed Kim learned that her dog Jax would not have a home and would be surrendered to the local shelter,” DAISY Foundation writes on Facebook.

Kim tells WBSTV that the woman had told her she did not have family or friends that could take Jax. After hearing this, Kim worried about Jax and what his future would hold. Would he be okay at the shelter? Would he find a loving family?

screenshot via YouTube

Kim couldn’t get the dog out of her mind. She decided she could not let Jax go to the shelter with the chance that he “may or may not be adopted by a kind and loving family.”

So she adopted Jax to ensure he would have the best life with her, the DAISY Foundation explained. “I’m never going to get rid of him,” Kim told WBSTV. “He is one of the most loving dogs ever.”

Thankfully, Kim’s patient learned of Kim’s wonderful gesture before she died.

“Before Kim’s patient passed, she was made aware of Kim’s extraordinary act of kindness,” DAISY Foundation reassures everyone. “The patient was able to pass peacefully knowing that Jax had been adopted by her favorite nurse.”

Kim’s compassionate act was recognized by the Daisy Foundation, who presented her with DAISY Honoree award for extraordinary nurses.

As for Kim, she says Jax will remind her of why she does what she does.

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