Matted, Limping and Starving, This Homeless Dog Makes a Remarkable Transformation

Hope For Paws was called to an apartment complex to rescue an injured dog scrounging to survive. As soon as they arrived they could see the the little dog was in horrible shape – she had matted fur, was starving and had a very bad limp.

They named her Sparrow and although she was a bit scared, she was friendly and hungrily grabbed the cheeseburger they offered her.

As soon as they had her safely in hand, they carried her to the car and she was all smiles.

Sparrow on her way to the vet

screenshot via YouTube

At the vet, Sparrow was checked over and she had tumors (fortunately benign) and a badly broken leg.

“The pain she had been living with must have been unbearable,” said Hope For Paws. Sparrow had to be shaved down and given surgery, which she pulled through with flying colors.

A short while later, and Sparrow is a dog transformed. She looks nothing like the bedraggled and hurt dog they found homeless on the streets.

She is so grateful for all the love and attention she now gets and it only took a few weeks for Sparrow to find the perfect forever home!

Just watch her rescue and amazing transformation in the video below.

note: the video has some graphic imagery at 3:42 to 4:16, but you’ll want to see Sparrow afterwards!

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