Man Suspected of Viciously Beating Dog in Disturbing Video Turns Himself in to Police

Surveillance video of a man punching and kicking a dog outside of an apartment complex has sparked outrage and a hunt for the man responsible.

The video shows a man following a a dog in the front yard of the apartment in the Canadian city of London, Ontario before launching a vicious attack on the helpless animal.

As the dog sniffs a bush, he punches the dog several times before grabbing the dog by his collar and dragging him up the front steps of the home. But he doesn’t stop there. He gives the dog a stomp on the head.

The surveillance camera was not the only “witness” to the attack. According to CTV News, neighbour Shannon Odendahl witnessed the incident too on May 17, 2018 and immediately called authorities. She was walking her dog when she saw the man beat the dog.

“It is a picture that you cannot get out of your mind once you’ve seen it,” she told CTV News London.

She told the news channel she was frustrated by the slow response of authorities, saying four days is too slow to ascertain if the dog is injured.

However, CTV News reported that police confirmed that the dog has been located and was seized and is safe. They also have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect after the video was shared online and went viral.

That man, Kyle Langford, has now turned himself in, according to police. Police have not released the relationship between the 28-year-old man and the dog, but Langford is not the dog’s owner.

Langford is expected to appear in court shortly.

Warning: the following news video depicts violent imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers.

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