Man Caught On Video Abusing Dog Charged Weeks After Video Goes Viral

A Toledo man who was caught on camera abusing his dog has been charged nearly two weeks after a video of the incident went viral.

According to 24 News, the man now faces animal cruelty charges. Animal advocates had protested for several weeks that action be taken against 34-year-old Kashif Watkins.

A video taken by a bystander allegedly shows Watkins repeatedly lifting up a Pit bull and smacking the dog to the ground.

One animal advocate, Sarah Sharpe, even went so far as to interview people in the man’s neighborhood and told 24 News that neighbors had repeatedly witnessed the man beating the dog.

“I’ve turned all the evidence over to the animal cruelty officers, the humane society and the police,” she said.

Sharpe helped raise awareness when a picture of Watkins holding the dog was circulated on Facebook.

“Finally, something is being done because there’s lots of abuse cases that kind of stand there stale. This is not okay in our community and we’re going to stand for justice for these animals,” said Sharpe.

Sharpe told the news channel that neighbors had not felt their voices were being heard and that’s why she helped organize protests.

She also said the dog’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but emphasized that they are looking and simply want to know if the dog is safe.

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