Mailman Delivering Package Waits At Door to Give Dogs Cuddles

The relationships between postal delivery workers and dogs are varied. They can be fraught with tension or they can be like this one – loving and affectionate.

Michael Nau shared the adorable video this past summer, which is only now going viral. The video captures a sweet moment between the mailman and Nau’s two small dogs.

The front door surveillance camera filmed the postal worker delivering a package to the door. But he pauses after leaving the package. What is he waiting for?

He’s waiting for his two friends to come and say hello.

The two dogs jump up on the gate so that they can get their pets and cuddles and he leans down to scratch behind their ears and pats them.

It must be a regular routine because the dogs’ tails are wagging and they definitely recognize him. Nau appropriately captioned his video, “I take it my mailman is a dog lover.”

We would say so!

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