Magpie and Whippet Have Formed An Unlikely Friendship

A magpie and a whippet have formed an unlikely friendship which sees them do everything together — from going on daily walks to sharing food and even a bed.

Mike the magpie and Boo Radley the whippet’s unusual friendship first blossomed after the bird was found four months ago floundering on his own at just two weeks old.

Boo’s owner Steve Rostron was out on an evening walk when Boo sniffed out the baby bird behind a telephone junction box. Mike most likely fell out of his nest. Worried he might not survive, Steve brought the magpie home.

Along with Steve’s partner, Janine, Mike was nursed back to health. When he was big enough and it came time to release him back into the wild. But Mike decided to stay put and stay with Boo. The two do everything together. Mike will follow Boo on his daily walks and the two share meals together. They also love snuggling up and napping together.

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