Library Workers Come to The Rescue After Tiny Dog Tossed Into Woods

A group of library workers came to the rescue of a tiny dog after one of them saw her being abandoned right before her eyes.

Sarah Lundblom arrived early for work at Russell Memorial Library in Chesapeake, Virginia on Tuesday Nov 27, 2018 when she saw a woman stop her car at the library, open her trunk and toss a small dog into the woods near their parking lot.

Lundblom immediately tried to lure the abandoned dog to her, but the dog was understandably freaked out.

“I go back there and there’s a very tiny, shy puppy, I tried to get it to come to me but she skidded away and understandable, she just got thrown out of a car,” Lundblom told WAVY News.

So Lundblom got her co-workers to help her rescue the tiny dog out of the cold. Working together they were able to coax the dog to them and bring her inside the library.

The little dog is lucky to not have frozen to death, as temperatures are dipping below freezing in the area.

As soon as they brought her inside they wrapped her in some sweaters and placed her in a cardboard box with a sheet to warm her up. They then called Chesapeake Animal Services, where the dog is now staying.

Thank goodness Lundblom came in to work early that day otherwise this tiny dog may not have survived! Sadly, dogs being abandoned in such a cruel manner rather than being brought to a local shelter and surrendered happens more often than it should.

According to WAVY News, the little dog will be made available for adoption on December 3, 2018. Contact the Chesapeake Animal Services shelter for details.

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