Dog Who Rather Snooze Than Run Around Is Looking For Family Who Will Appreciate Her Laziness

Nala is a large, lazy shelter dog who would rather lay around than run around. Rescued off the streets in Greece, Nala was suffering from mange and her patchwork fur made her look like a lion.

The Orphan Pet

She was living outside a factory and the people there were so disgusted by her appearance they refused to bring her for help. Save a Greek Stray went to get her and learned the only thing wrong with her was that she had a thyroid problem.

The Orphan Pet

After getting some medicine, Nala’s thick, beautiful fur grew back in. Now, this sweet, gentle giant is looking for a forever home. But not just any home, a home who will appreciate her carefree – ahem, lazy – outlook on life.

The Orphan Pet

“Nala exists to make you smile, to lay on your feet and snore while you pet her,” says The Orphan Pet. “She loves to have her neck rubbed, her ears and her belly. She sits there while we brush her and cuddle her for hours.”

The Orphan Pet

“The only thing she does to make you realize that she is there is to poke you with her paw if you stop petting. She is a very tender and lazy dogs, trapped in the body of a bear. No matter how much we enjoy her presence, we don’t want to have her around at the shelter. She deserves better.”

For information on how to adopt Nala visit the Save a Greek Stray website.

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