Man Who Held Dog for Ransom and Threatened to Kill Him Gets Healthy Dose of Karma Instead

It seems a would-be dog kidnapper got his just deserts after he was not only bitten by the lost dog, but also stung in an undercover police operation.

Joseph Jando was tasked by a friend to look after a lost dog who he had found in Morton Grove, Illinois. The Labrador mix had dog tags so the man who found the dog attempted to call the dog’s owners to return him, but he was not able to reach them.

He left the dog in the care of Jando while he went to work and asked Jando to look after the dog until the dog’s owners called.

However, Jando decided to extort money from the family instead. The Morton Grove Police Department wrote on their Facebook page, “Jando took possession of a lost dog that a friend found, made contact with the owner, and demanded 1200 dollars from the owner before he would return the dog.”

Jando threatened to kill the dog unless the owners paid up and it was at that very moment Karma struck. Morton Grove Police wrote, “In a Karmic moment, Jando was bit by the dog he tried to ransom.”

Another Karmic moment soon followed, when the owners called police, who set up a sting operation.

An undercover detective posed as the husband of the dog owner and met with Jando in a parking lot. When Jando demanded the money, the detective arrested him and charged Jando with intimidation.

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