Janitor has Sweetest Reaction to His Coworkers’ Puppy Surprise

Floyd Green has worked at the same bank for over 30 years, so when his colleagues at work learned that his beloved Yorkshire Terrier had passed away from old age, they decided to surprise him with a puppy as a birthday present.

Floyd’s coworkers direct him to open a box in his office, which has a cute Yorkie inside. At first, he doesn’t know the puppy is for him:

“What is it?”, he asks incredulously, as he gently holds the puppy in his hands.

A colleague says: “It’s a she. She is yours.”

Then he asks: “Really? THANK YOU!”

The coworker who posted the video later wrote of Floyd, “He is a sweet man and is the reason we look forward to Tuesday’s and Friday’s (the days he works with us).”

Floyd seems momentarily stunned, but from the way he cradles his new pup at the end, we know she’s going to be well-loved.

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