Naughty Jack Russell Terrier Has Time of His Life on Cruft’s Agility Course

Fergus the Jack Russell Terrier provided a lot of extra entertainment for the audience at Crufts Dog Show 2020 when he tackled the agility course.

Fergus, a rescue dog, starts his run well enough, but around halfway through the course he begins jumping at his handler’s rear end. What is the cause of the distraction? Why, his rubber chicken of course! It seems Fergus is far more interested in getting his toy than first prize in the competition.

When Fergus does get his toy he is so delighted that he doesn’t want to leave the spotlight. Even when ushered off the course, he proudly returns and interrupts another dog’s run – he almost slams into Teddy, another rescue dog contestant!

It’s a hilarious “curtain call” for the pup and one you’ll want to watch.

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