Whole Lot of Fur Goes Flying When Husky Gets De-Shedded

When Akino the Husky doesn’t complain when it comes time for his de-shed grooming session. Every 4 to 6 months the furry dog comes in to get deshedded and when he does the fur flies – literally.

His groomer says that Akino is a “sweetheart that loves the process” and you can see that in his expression. Even when she’s lifting his tail he is all smiles.

Viewers loved seeing the process. One viewer comments on YouTube, “[the] husky became his own cotton candy maker and looks so pleased with himself about it.”

Another dog lover shared their experience writing, “I brushed my husky in the backyard on a windy day. And all the grass was covered in a layer of fur. It looked like a bunch of spiderwebs all over, LOL. Lots happy birds with warm nests though.”

Others with allergies didn’t see the fun in it, “My nose got runny and I’m not even there,” says one person.

“My mind is screaming, ‘There MUST be an easier way!'” declares another.

But no, there really isn’t an easier way.

Akino’s groomer explains that what you are seeing is step one of a de-shed process that consists of 8 steps.

“All double-coated dogs should receive a professional de-shed to keep their coat healthy and allow it to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter, the groomer writes. “Never shave a double-coated dog. Always do a de-shed.”

You can read more about if you should or shouldn’t shave your dog’s coat in our DogHeirs article.

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