Hundreds of Dogs in Shelter Get Special Treatment For the First Time in Their Lives

About 200 dogs at a dog shelter based in southern Greece got specially pampered in preparation to find them homes.

“The DASH (Dream of A Safe Heaven) dog shelter is based in Kalamata, southern Greece. It was built by volunteers, it is being run by volunteers and it is based on donations alone, like all shelters in Greece,” writes the Orphan Pet.

“With limited recourses, no help from the government or the local authorities, and in an area of Greece notorious for horrific cases of animal abuse and neglect, DASH is exactly what its initials stand for: a heaven for some of the most unwanted and overlooked dogs.”

“Katerina is not just the founder of the shelter, she is its soul, its flesh and bones, and she has devoted her entire life to those animals, who have suffered abuse, neglect and starvation, and have seen the worst of us humans,” says the Orphan Pet. Unlike most shelters, DASH is against kennels, so the dogs “live free” in big groups (packs). “They are happy in their temporary home, but they all deserve a forever home, and this is the shelters main goal.”

With so many dogs to care for, however, volunteers don’t always have time to give the dogs a proper grooming. But at a recently organized “groomathon” event, volunteers from all over the world came to the shelter to help assist professional groomers from the UK and Athens groom every dog.

Within two days more than 100 dogs were groomed, all in preparation for the adoption event volunteers hope will find them a home. And at the end of two long days the dogs were ready to be shown off. And a lukcy three found homes e with several of the groomers who cleaned them!

Visit DASH on Facebook and their website to see how you can help find the dogs homes.

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