Homeless Dog ‘Wobbles’ Her Way Right Into Her Rescuer’s Heart

Matilda was found wobbling on the streets as a stray dog and has wobbled right into the heart of animal rescuer Lee Asher of The Asher House.

The tiny bully-type dog has cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition which is caused when the cerebellum – the part of the brain that coordinates movement – is not fully developed.

Matilda came to Lee through the Tacoma Humane Society. From the moment Lee laid eyes on her, he knew she was a special dog.

Says Lee, “It feels so good to feel this way about an animal that no one ever wanted. It must feel so good for her. She feels, she loves love so much.”

Lee says he doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve such a wonderful dog. “I’ve always felt like an outcast,” he says. “Having an outcast dog like Matilda wobble into my life has made me feel whole. Matilda has changed my life!”

And he’s changed hers too!

Viewers can see how clearly Matilda is loving being loved in the video.

One viewer named Jessie commented, “I have cerebral palsy. Life is incredibly hard, but I’m so grateful for the empathy and perspective it’s given me. Sometimes it’s the struggles that help you find your purpose. Matilda has found hers. Side note: My parents used to call me a weeble wobble because weebles wobble but they don’t fall down (and if they do, they get right back up).”

Another viewer wrote, “Matilda’s message without saying a word, is that even though every single step is a struggle, being alive and feeling wanted is all the happiness she needs.”

And another viewer was crying right along with Lee. “Tears pouring down my face! Lee your capacity to love all these poor lost babies and give them such unconditional love is so inspiring! I love how you celebrate their uniqueness with endless love. She has found her daddy and is lost no more.”

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