Homeless Dogs Celebrate Their First Thanksgiving With Friends

Rocky Kanaka was thinking how grateful he is that he gets to have Thanksgiving dinner with his dogs every year. But so many shelter dogs throughout the United States aren’t so lucky. That’s why he decided to treat a group of homeless dogs at Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue to their very first “Barksgiving.”

So Rocky and his team brought along dog-approved Thanksgiving meals and gathered the dogs together to share the feast. Titan and Hooch, who both suffered terrible abuses at the hands of humans, were happy to have the dinner among their friends.

It should be noted that Titan passed away soon after this video, but we take comfort in the fact that he got to experience Thanksgiving surrounded by the people and dogs who loved him most.

The following year, Rocky threw Barkgiving for another group of deserving dogs. It gets a little bit messy at the dinner table, but tell us what family doesn’t make a bit of mess! But one thing is for sure, we’re all grateful for our fur family.

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