Ingenious Hack For Removing Pesky Snowballs From Your Dog’s Fur

As funny as snowballs look on your dog after a day in the snow, they can make your dog cold and knot their fur. And when the snow melts there are puddles just waiting for your socked-feet to step in. So here are some suggestions for safely removing snowballs or ice balls from your dog’s fur.

Whatever method you choose, avoid pulling the ice or snow off your dog – this can be very painful for them. Also after you have removed the snow it’s a good idea to use a dog brush or comb to prevent mats from forming.

This first tip has became a viral hit. The suggested tool is a kitchen utensil most of us have in the home – a wire whisk.

Dog mom Sara Lang Feinstein shared the hack on Instagram after her friend gave her the tip to “get the snow clumps off my Australian Labradoodle.” She shared that “it was so easy and I think she enjoyed it.”

Here is the Facebook version of the video if you have trouble viewing the video above:

Many dog owners have said it really works. They say it works quite well removing ice balls from a dog’s underbelly and legs.

But others have said the whisk has its limitations. For one, it won’t work on your dog’s paws. It also isn’t particularly good with certain textures/types of snow. Also, depending on the type of fur your dog has, the whisk may be totally ineffective.

Consider using a slicker dog brush instead as it will probably work as well – if not better – and you can work out any potential knots in your dog’s fur at the same time.

Warm water is another great way to simply melt those snow chunks or ice balls off. Put your dog in the bathtub or shower and using a hose or bucket gently pour the lukewarm water over the snowy spots. Or, if you prefer, you can use a washcloth dipped in warm water (remember not hot!) to sponge the snow chunks off.

You can also try a hair dryer on the low-heat setting if your dog doesn’t mind the blowing air.

A dog snowsuit will also help keep those snowballs at bay before you even venture outside. The suits will also help keep your dog warm and prevent nasty matting around your dog’s belly and legs. They come in all sizes, shapes and designs. There are a number available from Amazon.

And the gentlest least intrusive method is, of course, to wipe snow off with a towel and allow the snow to simply melt away. But it’s not optimal for dogs who may be suffering from arthritis or sore joints. So if you go for the melt away approach may we suggest a nice warm blanket in their dog bed or a nice cozy spot in front of a fireplace or heater?

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