Groomer Attempts to Bathe Litter of Husky Puppies

The “big babies” are not huge fans of getting their first bath and nail trim, but Vanessa with Girl With The Dogs will make it all right.

As the pups get the water treatment one by one, she reveals how each reacts differently and show off their personalities. She is sure to give them lots of encouragement throughout and they all look pretty happy (relieved?) by the end.

One groomer shared her similar experience with pups writing, “Just last week I groomed three Labradoodle puppies – the first was extremely dramatic, the second had the calmest temperament, and the third had an obsession with the bath water.”

Another viewer wrote, “It’s amazing how grooming can tell you almost everything about a dog’s personality and show you just how different they can all be.”

Other viewers thought the “dramatic fluffballs” handled it well. Said one, “I love that despite thinking being bathed is the end as they know it, these puppies still want to give kisses.”

Another added, “I love how they act all dramatic through the whole groom, and then at their nails being clipped every single one is just like “whatcha’ doin’ there?”

“They are so adorable,” wrote yet another viewer. “They weren’t overly happy about the baths, but they got over it. Mom looked happy. You are blessed with some awesome perks to your job.”

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