Golden Retriever Puppies Dive Into 40 Inches of Snow for the First Time

Two Golden Retriever puppies played in the snow for the very first time but they had to dig themselves out first! That’s because when their humans opened the door, they were faced with a seemingly impenetrable 40 inch white wall!

Lisa and Rusty Hanafin woke up early to let their two 4-month-old puppies, Harry Winston and Louis Vuitton, out in their back garden in New York after a snow storm.

The pups had never seen snow before but figured out what to do pretty quickly. Together they begin to shovel away at the fence of snow. One dog even pushes the other out of the way to get his turn. And when there was finally room to get outside, they dive right in.

Lisa says that the “dogs found it so ‘wonderful’ she could only entice them back inside with some hotdogs.”

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