Cute Golden Retrievers Holds Eggs in Their Mouths Proving They are the Gentlest of Dogs

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world in large part because of their reputation as having the sweetest personalities out there. The large number of photos and videos of Goldens enjoying a snuggle, cracking a smile or working diligently as service animals just reinforces the good nature of the breed.

And if all the testimonials weren’t proof enough, now comes a series of sweet videos of Golden Retrievers and other dogs holding eggs in their mouths without cracking them.

Tucker attempts the egg challenge and holds the egg gently between his teeth and wags his tail the entire time, although he is a bit reluctant to give it back. It takes some coaxing on mom’s behalf to finally get the egg back and for Tucker to realize the egg is not the treat.

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