Giant Malamute Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time

Who would have thought we would get this reaction! The size of this dog! its just so pure to see this type of rection from a dog and to understand how loving and caring they can actually be. They understand more than we give them credit. Teddy is an amazing and gentle giant! His ears are always back as a sign of submission, that’s just the way he’s always been.

Teddy’s family shared another followup video of Teddy.

“Teddy is an angel, we knew he would be great even though this is his first time meeting a newborn baby as an adult dog,” they wrote. “Teddy met Amelia when he was 8 weeks old and she was 9 moths old, he fell in love with her instantly the bond was precious!”

Mom reassures viewers in the video that she would never leave their baby unattended with one of their dogs no matter how much they trust their dogs. They do, however, encourage sniffing and being close to the baby and don’t change their dogs’ routine as they tried that with their first baby, Amelia and it worked very well.

Teddy was only 8 weeks old when he met Amelia at 6 months old. But mom says the “sheer joy on his face was a delight to watch.”

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