German Shepherd Tracks Down His Mom’s Lost Keys

While out on a walk Enzo the German Shepherd’s mom lost her keys. That would normally be cause to panic for most people. But most people don’t have an Enzo.

The German Shepherd promptly went searching the grassy ditch along the road. He began scanning the ground in sniff mode.

It didn’t take long before he began running back to her – keys in mouth!

Enzo might be in the middle of his training to be the best behaved German Shepherd ever, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to help his mom!

“He doesn’t ask for treats or anything when he finds things,” his mom told the Dodo. “I think he gets rewarded from the actual work, and to some extent my happiness, telling him how proud I am of him.”

You can watch Enzo’s search video on Instagram:


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What a good boy and handsome too!


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This is definitely a skill we want to teach our dogs to learn. Wondering how? Dog trainer Nate Schoemer shows his technique.

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