Dog Gets Very Own Graduation Picture Beside His Humans

Sisters Olivia and Pamela Dufresne are devoted to their dog, Yogi. They consider him to be a member of their family and so when Yogi was about to turn 12, Olivia decided to do something special to commemorate the occasion, much like humans do. It occurred to her that Yogi was turning the same age that children are when they graduate elementary school in Quebec, Canada, where the Dufresne family lives. That’s when Olivia had a brilliant idea.

Olivia decided to make him his very own graduation photo. After photoshopping Yogi into a gown and cap, Olivia found the perfect place to hang the photo up in the family home. Her sister, Pamela, shared the photo on social media.

“As a surprise, my sister Olivia decided to secretly make a graduation picture,” Pamela told The Dodo. “Then, while nobody was at home, she replaced an old baby picture that was hanging between me and my sister’s graduation pictures with our dog’s graduation picture.”

What made Olivia’s idea so priceless and memorable was that her family didn’t notice the swap right away.

“When we did, we laughed for a good 10 minutes, then we cried a little out of proudness,” Pamela said. “To this day, Yogi’s graduation picture is the main attraction of the living room.”

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