Funny Goat Tries to Get Dog’s Attention

A friendly goat has the oddest way of trying to get an Airedale Terrier to play with him. In the cute video, the goat tries very hard to get this dog to engage with him, but he doesn’t do what we’re used to seeing goats do when they want to play.

Instead of head-butting his canine buddy (as most goats would do), he licks the dog’s back! The goat slowly approaches the dog, lets out a friendly bleat and sticks out his tongue.

In return, the dog sits patiently as his friend tries to get his attention. The sweet dog is a bit puzzled by his friend’s odd behavior, but lets the goat continue to lick his fur.

Watch how this Airedale Terrier responds to the goat’s funny behavior in the video below!

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