Foster Pittie Could Barely Walk But Then She Met Her Brother

The moment Michelle saw the skinny dog at shelter she knew she had to rescue her. Khaleesi was literally skin and bones when Michelle, who fosters for Mutty Paws Rescue, took her home.

The young Pit Bull needed to be fed every 30 minutes but struggled to even walk a few steps. Michelle and her partner were dedicated to nursing Khaleesi but it was their dog, Sonny, who they say really helped her get better.

Sonny was so gentle with Khaleesi as she recovered. He would lay down next to her and the two would play “tuggies.” It didn’t take long for Michelle and her family realized there was no saying goodbye to Khaleesi. Not only a wonderful decision for her, but for them too.

For those who may be wondering how Khaleesi ended up so neglected, Mutty Paws Rescue shared what they learned of her journey. It appears Khaleesi was sold on Craigslist by her original owner to a woman and man who ended up neglecting her.

Khaleesi was found in the couple’s home along with several other dogs in terrible condition by Lee County Domestic Animal Services. The two people were subsequently charged with animal cruelty and Mutty Paws Rescue came to the rescue of the dogs, including Khaleesi.

When she first came into their care they weren’t sure Khaleesi would make it. But with a team of vets, ’round the clock care and her loving foster family – now forever family – she pulled through and is the happiest dog!

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