Firefighters Save Golden Retriever Submerged in Icy River

A Golden Retriever was saved from an icy demise thanks to firefighters who came to her rescue.

Wellesley emergency workers raced to save Crosby the Golden Retriever after she fell through the ice on Charles River, Massachusetts. Her owner called 911 for help and dispatchers immediately enabled the GPS on the caller’s phone in order to track Crosby’s location quickly.

Wellesley Firefighter Dave Papazian donned a survival suit before jumping into the river and breaking through chunks of ice to get to Crosby.

“Papazian was able to swim out, breaking the ice on his way,” police said in the video they posted of the rescue (see below). “He was able to rescue Crosby and guide her to shore.”

Once safely on land, firefighters warmed her with a coat. She was reunited with her relieved owner shortly after. A day after her ordeal, Crosby’s owner told Wellesley police that she was “doing fine and resting comfortably at home.”

Crosby gets warmed by a Wellesley Police Officer. Photo: Wellesley Police Department

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