Couple Try to Take Family Photo with Their 17 Rescue Dogs

A couple with 17 dogs wanted to show that a heartwarming family photo they took wasn’t photoshopped so they filmed this sweet behind-the-scenes video.

Chris Hughes and his wife Mariesa have a household filled with dogs as part of their dog rescue, The Mr Mo Project, in Clifton Park, New York.

The dogs are arranged for the group shot and there’s no pushing or shoving just gentle cooperation between all. The video shows just how well behaved and organized the rescue’s pack is. Well, except for that few seconds when the Pit Bull decides to walk.

Eventually Chris and Mariesa get the adorable dogs lined up and ready. Jut watching the whole process warms our hearts and other viewers agree.

“One of the nicest videos I have seen! So much hatred in the world – a video such as this can certainly help restore some goodness,” wrote one viewer.

Another eagle-eyed viewer noticed the dog with disabilities. “There’s one in a wheelchair. Love them all!”

Another viewer loved the group photo and proclaimed, “BRAVO! Great family photo! How lucky are they to have such a loving home! Bless you both for all you do!”

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