Family Builds Special Fence Rampart So Their Sweet Dachshund Can Go On Patrol

Miles the Dachshund regularly tried to escape his yard by digging under the fence. So his parents came up with an amazing solution. Now Miles is one happy “security guard” (and spoiled dog!). Said his mom, “he thinks he’s a big dog now!”

Dog lovers adored the solution Milo’s parents came up with. “Now that’s true love of an owner; and one happy doggy,” said one viewer.

“The funny thing is that ramp made that dog’s life,” said one person. “He is probably the happiest a dog can possibly The ramp was the perfect call.”

“He’s the most happy, sweet & adorable security guard I’ve ever seen! So cute!” commented another person. Someone else added, “I love people who love their pets this much!”

Milo’s parents solution reminds us of what George the Dachshund’s parents did for him. You can read that touching story here.

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