Ensnared Pit Bull Takes Extreme Measures to Get Back Home for Christmas

A Pit Bull named Hank showed a remarkable will to survive and return home to his family after he became caught in an animal trap in the woods. Hank returned home on Christmas day after being missing for 20 days in the forest having taken extreme measures to free himself.

His owner, Logan Langley, suspects that Hank must have become ensnared in the trap somewhere close to his home in Foley, Alabama, and chewed through his leg in order to free himself and get back home.

Logan woke up one morning to go to work and found the back door open and Hank gone. When Hank re-appeared on his doorstep on Christmas day, he had lost 50 pounds and had an injured foot.

Logan told WKRG that his roommate called him at 9pm that night and said, “Your dog’s here, your dog’s here and something is wrong with his foot.”

Hank was rushed to animal hospital, where vets examining him suspect the same thing Logan did, Hank had to resort to desperate measures in order to get free. Hank underwent surgery and he’s expected to recover. Logan’s family has been able to raise the majority of funds needed to cover Hank’s surgery.

“I knew he’d be back,” Logan said. “If there was anyway he could make it back, I knew no matter what he had to do. I knew if someone had him I knew he’d get away and come home. I’ve had him too long and he’s my best friend.”

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