Emaciated Pit Bull Found Wrapped in a Blanket and Left in Alley

Arugula was so skinny when she was found dumped in an alley by a Good Samaritan. “She was wrapped in a blanket covered in urine clinging to life. She cannot eat or drink, all she can do is curl up in a ball and shiver,” rescuers with One Tail at a Time in Chicago said at the time of the Pit Bull’s rescue.

Someone had found Arugula near their home and got help to get Arugula to animal control. From there, One Tail at a Time (OTAT) took her to their emergency vet. At the time Heather and the other rescuers weren’t sure if she would make it.

The sweet Pit bull was super frail and it took weeks for her to get enough muscle back to be able to walk. But under the care of her foster caregiver and a team of vets, Arugula slowly began to get better.

After five months, Arugula was ready to find a forever home. That’s when Heidi saw Arugula’s story online and knew she wanted to adopt her.

Arugula joined Heidi’s home with her other dog Hunter. Heidi says Arugula is a “velcro” dog. “She just wants to be next to you,” she told the Dodo.

For Heather of OTAT, it was a worthwhile journey to see Arugula so healthy and happy.

“In 13 years of running OTAT, Arugula was the skinniest dog I have ever encountered,” she wrote on Facebook. “When she came to us so she was so weak she couldn’t hold herself up. She was quiet and shut down, which we now know is counter to her goofy and exuberant personality. It was incredibly difficult to watch her struggle – but today that paid off.”

“Rescuing animals is not easy, but when you have the type of community that showed up for Arugula it makes it more than worth it,” she continued. “Last week Arugula’s journey took her to a foster to adopt home.”

“We held our breath all week because it was very obvious to us that Ru found her place,” she wrote. “This past weekend her new adopters agreed and made it *Blue Couch Official*!! Arugula will live the rest of her life feeling love, and having so much fun with her new big brother and fenced in backyard oasis. It’s the happy ending we only dreamed of.”

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