Dogs Training For Dock Diving Together Impress With Their Listening Skills

Dock diving is a sport many dogs enjoy. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to practice. This group of dogs in Spring, Texas are getting a training lesson and show off an impressive set of skills that includes listening.

The pack of dogs are all obediently waiting at the end of a ramp/runaway for their trainer to call their name. When she does, they race down the ramp and dive into the pool.

There are a few “eager beavers” in the pack but they all listen! Well, except for maybe the last dog, but who could blame him?

It’s fun seeing a Boston Terrier among the Border Collies. And I’m so impressed with how far Straight the dog jumps. I also love how the last dog just couldn’t wait any longer, he just had to jump to join in with the fun!

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