17 Dogs Begging to Join the Holiday Feasting

Eating and sleeping are two things dogs love to do, which must mean they love the winter holidays as much as we do.

There’s the constant cooking in the kitchen. Guests are given party favors, special treats and feasts. And family members take naps in the middle of the day because of all the food they’ve eaten (ah, food comas). It’s doggie bliss!

    1. No wonder dad is the most popular guy at Thanksgiving.


    2. This satisfied pug is so ready for nap time he napped at the table.

    3. Please sir, more food!

    4. She didn’t even have time to walk away from her bowl before the food coma kicked in.

    5. After a satisfying meal it’s time for a nap.

    6. “This is how my dog sits while I’m making food in the kitchen.”

    7. He’s got the begging face down to an art.

    8. He was eating thanksgiving dinner at the table when this happened. Look familiar?

    9. Corgi puppy food comas are adorable to see.


    11. “My dog after realizing I was sitting at the table behind the couch with a plate full of food.”

    12. When your dog is so stuffed he looks like the turkey.

    13. I wonder which one was the last to eat?

    14. “My friend’s dog and I share similar thoughts about food.”

    15. He looks so peaceful.

    16. Dishwashers are always a good bet for scraps. “My dog, just showing the new puppy where the best food is.”

    17. Begging can be so tiring.

    One things is for sure, these dogs all have loving families who take care of them and make sure they always have food in their bowl. In return, their dogs give them love, laughs and companionship. That’s something every dog lover can all be grateful for!


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