Dog’s Love of Bacon Gets His Owner In Trouble

A dog’s love of bacon got him in a spot of trouble when he ended up crashing his owner’s truck.

The 13-year-old black Labrador Retriever named Elvis was on his way camping with his human, Paul Shearn, when they made a quick stop for last-minute camping supplies. Shearn left the truck running with the air conditioning on for Elvis, but when Elvis smelled some bacon grease on the dash he ended up putting the car in drive and rolling the truck into a car.

Shearn says he told Elvis not to get into any trouble when he went into the store, but he forgot to tell him not to go for the bacon grease, which was in the car to help restore an old cast iron skillet he was taking to the lake.

“Even kind of stood there by the truck, telling him don’t do anything stupid, don’t get the cops called on us cause I left it running with the air conditioner on for him, and I come out and I see that he hit a car,” Shearn told WPIX News.

Although the driver hit was initially shocked, after a few moments the two men couldn’t help but laugh about the strange incident.

“I know at the very beginning of it, the gentleman’s car that got hit, he was in shock … but then when everything came to grips, I guess we both couldn’t help but just keep laughing about it,” said Shearn.

Elvis was disappointed he didn’t get any grease but thankfully no one was hurt and no chargers were laid.

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