Dogs Left On Remote ‘Hell Island’ To Die Get Rescued

Animal rescuers in Greece ventured to a Greek island that was not like the islands publicized in tourist magazines. This small, uninhabited island was a “piece of dry land in the middle of the Aegean sea.”

“There are some sheds there, where goats and chickens live, and there is a building of some sort, probably an old monastery,” writes The Orphan Pet. “Somehow, someway, dogs and cats found themselves trapped there, with no way out.”

“They didn’t swim to the island apparently. They were brought there, on a boat. We’ll never know by whom. Maybe by their owners, who came up with an original way of disposing of them, maybe by someone else.”

After SCARS was informed of the island by one of the local rescuers a three day rescue mission was launched to save as many animals as possible. “Some had already died before we arrived. Some had a few days left, but at least they died free.”

In total, 53 cats were neutered and spayed and released in a safe place where they will be monitored and taken care of by volunteers. One kitten made it back to Athens, Pippa. She is in foster care looking for a forever home.”

“Two dogs were found dead on the island. From the ones that were rescued, two made it to Athens alive. Zeus that had been suffering from cancer for who knows how long, left his final breath a few days after his rescue, in the vet clinic.”

“Liberty, the elderly dog and Floyd are in a foster home in Athens, receiving care and being loved and spoilt probably for the first time in their lives.”

“As for Hendrix, the baby goat that was bottle fed by Martha, and slept on her lap and even walked with her on a leash, well..he is adopted! And guess what his favorite species is? Humans!”

In a follow-up video, The Orphan Pet shared the news of another dog rescued from the island and who just had puppies.

“Penelope had just given birth there, to five babies that would have died there with her, if they hadn’t been rescued on time.”

“Today, the puppies are two months old, they have been vaccinated and are almost ready to start their new life,” The Orphan Pet says. “They are five adorable little babies, happy, social and ridiculously cute! Three have Setter looks, just like their mum, and two have Pointer looks, probably the dad.”

“If you wish to adopt them, you can visit their website for details.

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