Dogs Eager to Join Their Buddies On Bus for Doggy Daycare

Mo manages the doggie passengers expertly with the dogs watching her attentively from their individual seats, especially when they see the treats. The dogs are so well behaved and get on and off politely you’d think they were all her dogs!

The dogs who attend Mo Mountain Mutts are always extremely excited and also very polite. Just ask Mo Thompson and her husband Lee Thompson who run the doggie daycare and have a special minibus for picking up the dogs before they head out on their adventures in Skagway, Alaska.

The couple have actually answered with an adorable video that shows how well-behaved the dogs are.

“You guys asked to see the dogs getting on the bus,” Mo Mountain Mutts captioned the video. Each and every dog who gets on is so happy and their buddies are so happy to see them!

Here’s the video on TikTok:

@mo_mountain_mutts You guys asked to see the dogs getting on the bus #foryou #dogs #puppybus #alaska ♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

The dogs get onto the bus and go to their seats. Viewers marvel that the dogs know where to sit. Mo answered, “We have assigned seating, my regulars know where their seat is though.”

One person noted that the German Short-haired Pointer (Jake), is “so polite” to which Mo responded, “That’s why his nickname is gentleman Jake.”

People are so enchanted with the happy pack on the bus that they have asked Mo Mountain Mutts if they have job openings. One person asked, “I am so envious of your job! Do you need a bus attendant? I’ll walk up and down the isle giving out treats? Need a bus driver? Hahah.”

Mo answered, “Can you guys imagine all the TikTokers that wanna come along, it’ll be a whole crowd of people with a handful of dogs.”

@mo_mountain_mutts AM Crew on a cold winter day #alaska #dogs #busride ♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

No wonder Mo Mountain Mutts and their pack have gone viral multiple times – it’s just too adorable for words.

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