These Dogs are Incredibly Helpful Around the House

Sugar, a Golden Retriever, and Tai, a Border Collie are incredibly helpful around the house which goes to show humans are a lot lazier than dogs!

We’re actually joking, because we realize there’s a lot of training that goes into teaching dogs tasks and tricks like this and their mom, Lisa Berglund, has done a great job.

DogHeirs viewers couldn’t help but share their thoughts about Sugar and Tai. One viewer noted how their mom has a whole lot of instructions. “Love how she just talks to them in sentences and it seems they know exactly what she’s saying. (Maybe dubbed a little?). No matter, they are still very clever doggies,” wrote Brian.

“Superb!! it shows how awesome those dogs are and how lazy you are,” wrote Danielle.

Other viewers noted how they too have helpful dogs. “Those are good dogs. My border collie is vacuuming right now,” joked SeniorLass.

“My dogs clean the sticks and branches from the yard, and drag it all into the house. Oh well. Those two are really well trained dogs. Well done,” said Darrin.

Magicwalk added, “Mine goes into the woods to get sticks and piles them for a bonfire.”

Do your dogs do any chores for you?

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