Dog Who Ran Away From Four Homes Finds Perfect Family For Her Restless Spirit

Rescuers couldn’t figure out why Bee never wanted to stay. She would got to a family but then run away, despite being in a happy home and being an ‘A’ student at SCARS rescue shelter, where she had excelled in her training. She had started her life as a street dog in Greece and would get adopted and then be returned or run away.

“She was a dog that kept going from unlucky to lucky back to unlucky and back to lucky again so often, that by the time she ended up at the dog hotel, we had almost given up on her,” writes Valia with The Orphan Pet.

“‘What is wrong with that dog?'”, we kept wondering. And the more we wondered that, the more we realized that there was never anything wrong with her. Bee was a house trained, clean, obedient, social and stable dog.”

Valia figured Bee must have a gypsy heart – she never wanted to rest in one place for too long. It could also be because the families she was with didn’t really understand her. So it was fortunate for Bee that she ended up finding the perfect mom in Paris instead of Greece.

“She now lives permanently in Paris, where she rarely stays home alone. Wherever her mum goes, she goes, so she knows every corner, every monument and every restaurant in Paris like the back of her palm. And when her mum travels, Bee always travels with her. She has been to England, Italy, Sweden and there is more to come.”

Watch Bee’s fairy tale story in the video below.

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